About Me:

I came to the beauty profession a little later than most having previously been in the catering industry initially as a landlady and then a development chef. I had always wanted to do beauty so one mad day I quit my job and enrolled the next day to study beauty for 2 years. That was over 10 years ago, and it was the best decision as I love my job.

Favourite Treatment:

Pedicures strange as it may seem, but I love feet, perhaps I should have been a chiropodist.


About me:

I have been in the Beauty industry for 19 years and what an amazing industry this is. For the first couple of years I worked in salons to gain more experience, and at 20 years old I decided to open my own salon. This was a lot of hard work but what an amazing journey in this fast-changing industry with always new things to learn. In this time, I also got married and had 2 children and then needed to have a little more time at home with my family and decided to close the salon after 12 years. I then worked in a couple of salons renting the space until Jill and myself came together to become Beauty8

Favourite Treatment:

Semi-permanent eye lashes – I just love the transformation and all the different looks you can achieve.